Samuel Vartan will be hosting an exclusive event this coming 23rd of October 2021 commencing at six in the evening. It will be an unforgettable evening of music, extravagance, fashion, and fun featuring the amazing model, entrepreneur, and actress, Naira Zakaryan. Zakaryan, the featured model of the night, will be showcasing Samuel Vartan's Fall Collection stand-out pieces along with 8 other models coming from diverse backgrounds. This collection will serve as a goodbye to summer and an ode and welcome to fall. Foods and drinks will be served throughout the night which is included in the ticket. An amazing DJ will be keeping the night alive. This evening will be all about dancing, socializing, and just having pure fun. Dress accordingly to fully enjoy the occasion.
The event will be held in a beautiful mansion in the heart of Weston MA, The Henderson House - one of the most recognizable landmarks, a fitting venue for this momentous night. With a full capacity of 150 persons, authority figures from different industries will be present, ranging from skincare companies to media production services, participating in the silent auction that will be happening in the event. What’s even greater is that a portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Amego, an organization committed to supporting people living with autism and other developmental disabilities at home, school, work, and as members of their families and communities.
Tickets are still available online, get yours today!