Voice in a Million is a commercial organisation enabling personal excellence through performance and providing training and professional development in the performing arts to dedicated children and young people. Voice in a Million exists to produce challenging music and choral work in major productions, workshops and in the studio for young people of all backgrounds as participants; and, in helping them to explore new and existing works, to inspire themselves and each other, and to give them the opportunity to achieve their highest aspirations, realising their talent, imagination and creativity. In addition Voice in a Million strives to achieve awareness of the plight of millions of children worldwide that are orphaned, abandoned or separated from their birth parents and in need of a loving family for life.

Through producing and collaborating regional, national and international events and commercial recordings, whilst remaining affordable, accessible and relevant.

Providing professionally run and profitable events.

Working, promoting and collaborating with professional artists, producers companies, local communities and other arts organisations.

Initiating and devising performance work.

Promoting an innovative programme of work annually.

Continually aspiring to standards of excellence.

Developing the outreach and educational programme for all.

Nurturing and developing young talent.

The development of an appreciation of the performing arts amongst audiences and performers.

Providing accessible and welcoming events to all cultures.

Since the launch of Voice in a Million in July 2009, hundreds of schools and thousands of youngsters have chosen to participate in the project. Around 100 new participants are currently enrolling every day. At the outset it started as a project which the Directors chose to pursue in order to try and make a difference for the thousands and indeed millions of children worldwide, that don't have a mother or father to take care of them. The reason why we chose this path grew from wanting to give something back, in return for the amazing gift we were given when we finally adopted our son Samuel.

We chose to support the orphanage in Tangier where Samuel spent the first seven months of his life; and did so by supporting them financially. However it soon became clear that what was really needed was not just financial support, but help in trying to raise awareness of the millions of children like Samuel. They don't really need money, although it helps, they need loving families that have room in their lives, to come forward and adopt them. That's the mission of Voice in a Million.

We decided that to make this really work, we had to bring the project into our day to day business; and from our initial Musical Theatre Groups for children, the nucleus of the idea emerged. Fifty per cent of the company's resources have now been allocated to Voice in a Million and it has grown into a viable business which not only makes a profit but can also make difference.

It's also become clear that as Voice in a Million grows, it will not only make a difference in creating awareness and encouraging  prospective adopters to come forward, it has also started to make a difference to the schools, groups and children involved.

We have received numerous responses from teachers, commenting on how this project has created an awareness and understanding amongst the pupils participating, on what being 'adopted' really means; and just how important it is for every child to have the love and support of a family.

We made a decision early on, that this wasn't going to be a 'Talent Competition' and the motive  behind taking part should be primarily to have fun and enjoy participating in something worthwhile, without the competitive pressure. However within the many thousands of participants, we have found a number of very talented youngsters emerging; and we believe that we can, within the infrastructure help develop some of that talent.

Whilst some of the profits from VIAM will be donated to various adoption related charities and causes, we couldn't run this project without it being a commercial venture; and our current conservative projections indicate a return of between 7.5% and 12% in the first year.

The 02 event in January 2010, will be the official launch of Voice in a Million; and it now looks as though the choir of participants will be 6,000 strong (originally planned as 4,000 voices, but due to demand has been increased). We have also selected four possibly five soloists, that we intend to include on the first Voice in a Million Album release.  

Our initial aim is to record 1,000,000 voices, worldwide, not only at Arena shows, but also other events including stadiums. With interest now from Spain, the USA and Japan, achieving the target of one million voices is becoming a reality.