VIDEOTEC was founded in Italy, in 1986, and has specialized in the creation of functional and aesthetic cctv accessories ever since. Being a leading supplier of closed-circuit television and related products for over 25 years it is no surprise that thousands of worldwide installations are comprised of VIDEOTEC’s products.

VIDEOTEC’s products are well known for their design, ease of installation and rugged aluminium construction. They are the results of skilled craftsmen combined with an engineering team with many years of experience in the field of video surveillance. And with all of groups expertise and dedication, they have been able to provide cost effective solutions into every VIDEOTEC installation.

VIDEOTEC leads the cctv industry in product design, performance, quality, good price and without a doubt its ongoing research into new technologies, and have achieved it all by keeping a close eye of the industry’s ever growing needs.

Over the years, VIDEOTEC has expanded its products line and has become one of the largest state-of-the-art cctv product range manufacturers in the market. Its wide range of quality products and solutions to modern cctv systems are some of the reasons of its great success.

The commitment to ISO 9001 standards ensures dedication to quality and procedural processes of all production range on a daily basis.
Knowing how important it is for customers daily operations, VIDEOTEC has been able to implement the best customer service and technical support team by providing the solutions needed for the good results of their product distribution.

Products are distributed worldwide through its Italian headquarters and its French and Hong Kong branches, whereby VIDEOTEC acts as a supplier of several italian and foreign cctv distributors offering the highest quality standards at competitive prices.