VIGILINT is a premier provider of intelligence-driven global health protection.  We offer full spectrum telemedicine, medical advisory, crisis management and expeditionary solutions for global travelers, multinational corporations, and government clients.  Our team includes physicians who have previous experience with the military, National Security Council, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House Medical Unit, and the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services.  

Our solutions eliminate the geographic barriers to health care.  The Global MedAssist Program (GMAP) is a joint telemedicine offering with Cleveland Clinic, that provides 24/7/365 direct-to-physician access and medical assistance for travelers worldwide.  GMAP combines VIGILINT’s highly specialized emergency physicians with Cleveland Clinic’s global practice of physicians and specialists.  Unrivaled in the marketplace, GMAP delivers unparalleled reach and an unmatched global network of medical providers and facilities.  

Our Corporate Medical Advisory Service provides Chief Medical Officer oversight of complex global medical issues, Duty of Care fulfillment, direct physician consultation with company leadership to navigate potential international and domestic medical issues, emergencies, and crisis response.  No matter the scale of the healthcare issue or location of the patient, we deliver comprehensive, individualized healthcare solutions and continuity of care.