PERCEPTUAL TESTING, INC. is the manufacturer of the VISION COACH Interactive Light Board, a dynamic, state-of-the-art interactive system designed to promote and enhance visual function, muscular coordination and neuromotor abilities.

The VISION COACH s used in the fields of Occupational, Physical, Vision and Speech and Language Therapies.   It is also utilized by Sports Vision Trainers, Military and Police Professionals, Mature Driver and Rehabilitation Programs, as well as Baseline Testing and Post-Concussion Rehabilitation.

The VISION COACH is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device, 510K Exempt. PERCEPTUAL TESTING, INC. is registered with the FDA to manufacture the VISION COACH and meets FDA Good Manufacturing Practice and FDA requirements for quality control during manufacturing. In addition, meets CE/UL mark requirements, and complies with EMC limits for a Medical Device Directive. It has been tested by a certifying body and meets all safety standards required for this device.

PERCEPTUAL TESTING, INC. is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of high quality instruments which are safe, reliable, and easy to operate by health care professionals and alike, and patients. PTI is devoted to providing excellent customer service throughout the lifetime of its products, including technical support, relevant research, and implementing quality management systems and procedures to meet regulatory requirements and standards where its product is sold.