Over the past half-century, VKL has established itself as a leading innovator in three major sectors of the Indian economy. VKL Construction has been a leader in the residential and commercial construction sectors and previously held claim to constructing Mumbai’s tallest residential building, Ashoka Apartments. Lalco Interiors operates two physical stores and its own e-commerce platform in India’s fast-growing retail furniture market. Lalco Residency, operating in the hospitality sector, provides fully serviced luxury apartments to corporate clients and other travelers with requirements for short and long-term stays. Altogether, VKL has grown to employ over 150 people across multiple metros in India and abroad.

V. K. Lalco is currently one of the largest landowners in Mumbai. VKL is also one of the oldest builders in Mumbai. Over its history, it has always strived to be one of the top 10 builders in Mumbai. Its focus on floor plans, function, value and views have made it a leading residential developer in Mumbai for more than a half-century. From building some of the tallest and most luxurious buildings in the city to transforming the suburban skyline, VKL’s construction projects aim to provide homeowners with high quality, high comfort and high value properties.