VPHO application for iPhone and Android Smartphone’s and devices support Wi-Fi and 3G. VPHO apps are a complete cross platform communication environment, VPHO features come with: Voice and voice conference calls, HQ chat messenger. Users can send and receive picture and video message, and Audio Note messages. Users can also share with other VPHO users. VPHO User interface comes with full setting and preference, user profile, search, share, and invite and synchronize users from Facebook and to increasing users communication VPHO aim and vision goals for an “Absolutely All In One” applications.
VPHO is a better way to connect with family friends and your business network while saving communication cost all directly from your Smartphone or any tablets PC supported Internet connection.

VPHO is now for a free download; appear in the main stores iTunes and Google Play in worldwide localization stores. VPHO, script, popup and user interface translated and support more than 13 languages support left to right and right to left for visualization and writing. VPHO support languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese.

With VPHO, users can enjoy a clear audio quality of voice, video experience while maximize the performance of your 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity providing deliver a crystal clear audio, and video quality.

VPHO user registration process, architected and design to absorb in short fast way and for immediate on line and use by the subscribed user. VPHO identified the registrar mobile number and sending a PIN CODE via SMS for verification. In order to match other possible VPHO subscribers, in one way synchronizing to match availability of other VPHO users on user mobile contacts list to start communicate with other VPHO network users may appear in his Mobile Phone Book contacts.

In VPHO we where thinking about the privacy of users and we architect and design algorithm mechanism for invitation between users. Users can decide to send or receive other user invitation and add him to VPHO contact list by sending a popup message for invitation. Accept, Ignore or Later. VPHO gives an option to block or unblock user all from VPHO setting and preference.

VPHO is Trade Mark and is our brand name. VPHO sub title is: “Appsulotley All” VPHO features gives the ability of all possible communications in voice, video, chat, and more, VPHO deliver a free unique solution to a large audience using cellular phones worldwide. VPHO is a great communications solution reducing and saving communication expenses true WIFI and 3G.

VPHO appropriate VPSTACK API designed develop to support ability of a cross platform for all operation system available in today market (e.g. Unix, Java, Windows, Linux) our VPSTACK API currently supporting the main leaders, Apple and Google OS's now and support a wide range of devices and versions VPHO device supporting:  iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Mobile Smartphone’s and verity of Android Tablet PC.

VPHO APPS first version For Apple and Google (iOS and Android) as been prove by Apple and Android in end of April 2012 VPHO APPS appear promote in Google Play and iTunes stores and since start we having over 250K downloads worldwide.

VPHO APPS support more than 1800 Android devices start from version 2.2 up to last version available up to date. In Apple devices we supporting iPod, iPad, iPad2 and iPhone start from 3GS up to iPhone last version 6.0. Our team alerting for any new version that publish by Apple and Google to assure VPHO update.

VPHO website and help desk support include, full ticketing service, knowledge base and forum. Our administration services answering and updating news in daily basis, for sharing with users knowledge and opinion and support. VPHO team passion and proud to welcome our users questions submit, gives us to build our costumer relations and listen, learn and improve for more to our users.
Yuda Hadar, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of IPCOM Solutions GmbH.
is proud to say: "That behind VPHO is our best vast experienced team that are long time working together for other solution based IP & Media that seen pensioned and design our mission and goal of the need to break the cost barriers for telecommunications using next generation.  IPCOM technology breaks the legacy barriers to entry and extends the licensing and free software model. Mr. Hadar and the team in IPCOM Solutions aim continue to achieve VPHO on cloud VPHO for: Desktop, Cars all with a single user name, single registration. based our proven solution and to have VPHO application leading the Social networking communication worldwide".