I am an American businessman. I’ve started 16 companies using American ingenuity, the American work ethic and the American free enterprise system. Under strong, conservative leadership, America’s best days are ahead of us.Manufacturing is coming back; I know: I am a manufacturer and I know what manufacturing is looking for. I also know the companies coming back are not the same as the ones that left. They aren’t the 500 – 1,000 employee companies. They’re going to be 25 – 100 employee companies. The good news is that these are the kind of jobs that cannot be exported.
    We must limit the size of government, reduce spending, reduce taxes, balance the budget and then…  Wait?  No!  We can move forward with an aggressive business plan to prepare our district for these jobs and then take our district to the country and the world to pull those jobs in.
    We don’t have to wait on the rest of the country or the state to do our economic turn-around.  We can be that shining example of how it is done with self-reliance, American ingenuity, the American work ethic and the American free-enterprise system.
    Ben Franklin said, “Better well done, than well said.”  I’ve done this before with my company. I’ll show you how it’s done. Follow me!