About VPhase
VPhase plc is an energy efficiency technology company that launched the first domestic voltage optimisation device in the UK. The VPhase VX1 lowers the voltage in the home, reducing the energy consumption of many electrical appliances, saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

The VPhase device:
-     has been proven to save up to 12% off home electricity bills;
-     is easily installed by a qualified electrician;
-     does not require a change in lifestyle or electricity supplier;
-     is low cost;
-     has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and an expected lifespan in excess of 25 years;
-     can save up to 4.5 tonnes of CO2 over its 25+ year life;
-     attaches to the consumer unit (fuse box) and regulates the voltage to 220 volts;
-     is one of the most affordable and effective green option for the home, after insulation.

Web: www.vphase.co.uk
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/cUBnek  
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vphase
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/qqbyYS
YouTube: www.youtube.com/vphase