'VR International is one of the leading Indian brand engaged in manufacturing hydroponic system, hydroponic growing medium, Hydroponics Fodder Machin,  hydroponic plant nutrients and
Aquaponics.   We are located at Bhopal practically centre of India. We offer indoor hydroponics system for for the home grower.

We are Specialized in supply and consultancy in Aquaponics and commercial hydroponic systems.  Our unique product range suits for modern Farmers and urban Gardeners. Here at VR INTERNATIONAL, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making hydroponic farming more sustainable of cost effective.  Our decision making hydroponic growing  process easy and  make it possible to hydroponic farming at home We strive to build hydroponic agriculture more productive and reduce hydroponic farming cost.  Our unique product range include home hydroponics Kits, hydroponic vegetables  plants,  nft hydroponics, hydroponic pots, hydroponic lights and hydroponic growing medium.