VVIDIA is the world’s leading independent digital media technology company, focused on videos and video ads available in popular languages, to consumers across all connected devices. It is the only company which owns the complete value chain of content play - from content creation to distribution technology, in today’s connected world. It distributes video content and video advertisements of variety across networks and devices using its own multi-patent pending innovative platform – VIMEOX

VVIDIA caters to huge number of mobile and online users, deprived so far of video content and advertisements due to lack of accessibility, device and regional sensibilities.

Since its inception in 2011, VVIDIA is being increasingly reckoned as a leading creator and distributor of high definition hyper-local video content, in both short and long formats. We distribute a variety of genres like tutorials, infotainment, fashion, lifestyle, glamour, bollywood, utilities, short films, astrology, devotional, live event coverage, telenovelas and travelogues, etc. in multiple languages. Additionally, we are also the lead creators of video advertisement across mobile and web using the global ad network for advertisers, especially in the SME segment.