VZD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC, was birthed by Ethel J. Davis in 2012.  Soon after that, Ms. Davis became recognized as a 5-Star Wealth Manager, KC Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Company, and a respected Minority-Owned firm.  VZD is 100 percent, African-American, female-owned Registered Investment Advisory firm from the Midwest, and one of the few within the United States.   In 2019, WealthManagement.com awarded the firm with the Thrive Award awarding advisors who are on their way up – those who have proven themselves skilled and ambitious by three solid years of revenue growth.  

Ethel’s parents were faith and purpose-driven; therefore, she developed an Executive Mentoring Program to ensure each employee is ready to transition into becoming a Partner where they will have an opportunity to own a part of the company.  She had many mentors who poured into her to become the successful wealth manager, author, speaker, and philanthropic advocater.   As she grows her team, she wants to be known for being a supporter of women, minorities, and underserved populations and a community of wealth builders and entrepreneurs.  

She believes in a collaborative approach to help our clients create their legacies when we build long-lasting relationships with individuals and multigenerational families than you are empowering people to reach their goals by a trusted partnership that achieves their legacy – one client at a time.   She is proud to have a transparent, fee-based compensation model where the firm’s success depends on yours.  
VZD is not the typical Wall Street type firm, where compensation falls solely on commission-based products and not your best interest.  We believe a client’s portfolio must consider their current financial situation, risk tolerance, and long-term goals.  We take our role and responsibilities seriously by utilizing time-tested investment strategies developed over three decades.  Ethel is a seasoned portfolio manager with over thirty years of experience and responsible for the creation, rebalancing, and monitoring of the client’s assets.  She believes in direct communication with each client along with transparency and integrity which differentiates her from the mass of Wall Street professionals.  
We do not believe in providing a transactional dialogue but fostering a long-term relationship that travels with you through the various chapters of life.  No matter what the future holds, we are here to help you prepare and solve problems – one client at a time.  Life is not a “cookie’ cutter” recipe where you can utilize the same model for each client.  So, why would one approach wealth management by using predetermined models or a “one-size-fits-all” approach to investing or financial empowerment?  By bringing a holistic approach to investing, we partner with you to help build a legacy from where you are today into generations to come.