Valcor began it’s Licensee Training program in 1994 and is proud to have been featured annually in Entrepreneur Magazine’s along with multiple unsolicited articles.

PLEASE NOTE: Valcor does NOT work with any kind of Consumer/Personal debt issue or settlement program. If you are an individual seeking consumer based credit services, we recommend only legitimate non-profit credit counseling/education organizations found in your local communities. In addition, Valcor is not a law firm and does not render legal advice. We work with and recommend respected Attorneys-at-Law when necessary.

With an “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau, Valcors’ seasoned and experienced professionals  provide Business Debt Restructuring and Mediation services to companies throughout North America. In addition, our Senior Consultants provide extensive training and support to our Licensees who have invested in themselves and  operate their own Service utilizing Valcor’s support.

With the recent economic crisis and the restriction within the credit markets, we are seeing a major surge in company’s who need our services. Valcor is now actively seeking new Licensees to handle the numbers of cases throughout North America. Please contact us to learn how you may be able to participate in our unique and highly successful programs.


There are far more small and medium sized businesses in this country than there are giants, Valcor Licensee and many of these smaller companies face challenges that leave them with bills they can’t pay. These businesses are fundamentally sound and profitable. Even a well run business, however, faces unforeseen obstacles such as delayed delivery of raw materials, reduction of bank credit, or a weather related decline in sales. - Confronted with setbacks from such problems, large companies turn to an army of internal specialists, who often negotiate highly favorable settlements with creditors - settlements which enable the creditors to get paid and the company to operate debt-free. - On the creditor’s side, there are accounts receivable specialists, lawyers, collection agencies, and others eager to assist in collecting debts. -  That leaves small to medium size businesses as the only ones without someone to assist them in debt restructuring. Yet it is these businesses which most often need this kind of assistance.


The role of Valcor’s Consultants is to help these businesses explain their position to creditors, who often misinterpret a company’s failure to pay as a lack of desire to pay. This unfortunate misunderstanding can lead to unnecessary and costly litigation -litigation which could have been avoided by the timely intervention of a trained debt mediator. - Business Debt Mediators negotiate with creditors and reach an agreement to settle the debt for less than the full amount owed. By changing a confrontation to a negotiation, Debt Mediators can often attain a satisfactory settlement with remarkable rapidity. - Such an outcome benefits both sides. The settlement provides creditors with immediate cash, prevents undue delay in payment, and avoids the enormous financial and human resource costs of litigation. Debtors have the opportunity to reduce their debt burden, improve their balance sheet, increase cash flow, and devote full attention to the productive tasks of operating the business.