Valen Enterprises, Incorporated, is a sales and marketing firm in Austin, Texas. While Valen currently represents 13 different clients in various markets across the United States, its Austin, Texas office is working with one of our newest and fastest growing clients in the US cellular market.  Our recent growth initiative is to go from 18 to 70 offices for this client within the next 5 years.

What we Do for our clients:

Increase Sales
We cultivate and develop a skilled sales force through intrinsic development and cross training executed through role plays, in house seminars, practical training and hands on experience representing our client. Each executive is trained on details we will be working with pertaining to our client’s growth, brand and services.  We believe in internal growth, that the key to being successful is to lead from the front and to become experts in what we represent.

Provide Results
Our strategy is to provide daily results and feedback through meeting with our clients face to face. Our continuous ability to demonstrate results through increasing revenue while maintaining customer relations, we make sure we create the best possible experience for the customer as well as provide positive brand awareness for our clients.

Market Coverage
As our ability to increase our client’s profitability continues and our client base grows, we continue to expand. Valen Enterprises has an expert staff that harnesses the ability to train and develop a professional team large enough to support all campaigns, projects or growth opportunities that arise.