Modern-day companies are engaging consulting technology and process management services to decrease costs, increase business agility and focus on their people. Beneficial for long-term and short-term agendas, the right consulting helps companies to switch gears competently because they are able to respond to changing business needs faster and efficiently.

As a provider of business process and consulting technology solutions, ValeurHR strives to achieve one goal—to solve and mitigate issues in a rapidly-changing modern work environment. These requirements are met by combining consulting, technology and business execution. Since people are a company’s biggest resource, we also use HR technology and tools to benefit companies.

Over the last 12  years, we have been recognized as one of the leading outsourcing companies for service across global geographies. We have worked as a trusted partner with client organizations to deliver an array of services that eventually helps us to deliver reliable business process management services.Managed by specialists from the technology, products, system implementation and process management arenas, we are able to provide complete business management solutions across geographies.

Our experience with big names across industries has taught us to recognize the common problems organisations face related to business execution and consulting technology. Therefore, we have created a heady mix of consulting, technology and business execution to create solutions that are completely customizable. After understanding the client requirement, we create solutions that enable the company to move steadily towards growth.

Current work settings demand integration of bigger and better technologies. This results in increased costs. Outsourcing companies like ValeurHR help organizations make more of technology at less cost. Our business process management model helps manage and optimize a company’s business activities in a manner that it improves functioning and maximizes revenue.

The perfect blend of technical excellence, business performance monitoring, business intelligence and customer experience management is what makes us endearing to our clients.

In brief
Leading organization in Business Process Management
Clients list includes Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies like Coca-cola, Google, Amazon, American Express, Schneider Electric and many more
250+ Clients
80% Recurring Clients
100+ Projects Successfully Implemented
12+ Years Management Average Experience
700+ Professionals
9 Offices Around The Globe
24x7 Customer Support With End To End Assistance