We aim to help our clients hit their objectives through the oldest means of marketing. Using direct tactics we deliver new customers to our clients and represent them with the upmost professionalism. Bringing enthusiasm and respect for our clients brand we satisfy the needs of current customers and introduce new customers. Ever expanding at a great rate we practice techniques which have had numerous years of success.

Even though we are new in Maidstone our representatives have built up a great reputation in Edinburgh and look to carry forward that success.

Specialising in marketing business to consumer, business to business and promotional events we feel we have all avenues covered to grow our clients outreach.

Held by the following principles; ambition, pride, passion, recognition and confidence we are here to keep the momentum of our success going.

Valiant's mission statement is to provide the best strategies in marketing towards our clients. We provide a service which is tailored to the specific needs of our clients aiming to attract new customers and improve the clients brand as a whole. Acting through professionalism and enthusiasm we aim to provide the best for our clients, customers and affiliates. We can't hit our goals without hitting yours.

What We Do
We offer a professional manner of direct sales and marketing for our clients. Offering experienced and fully trained representatives we not only hold our principles highly, but also those held by our clients. We are dedicated to gaining the best results for everyone affiliated with our company.

Our Focus
Specialists in the telecoms industry, Valiant are looking to follow the success of our organisation in the entertainment, banking and charity industries. We are confident our tried and tested method can work with any business.

How We Do It
We provide businesses with a cost effective way of creating a bigger customer outreach and increasing brand awareness. Our approach is through face-to-face marketing, below the line. This means the clients product and service benefits are presented straight to the customer. Our team is here to cater how, where and when the client's products and services are promoted to the customer. Confident, professional and compliant are traits possessed by all of our team members. We are here to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives and find that is what drives us. Because we can't hit our goals without hitting yours.