Founded in 1999, Validated Software Corporation (VSC) serves a worldwide clientele from its Carlsbad, California Headquarters. VSC provides both custom and off the shelf support for third party software typically used in embedded devices that requires compliance with industry specific development standards. VSC offers affordable solutions and services that help speed up new development as well as existing projects seeking retroactive compliance.

VSC products and services are primarily used in Avionics, Industrial, Medical and Transportation equipment certifications, but are equally useful for software development and test efforts where safety and product integrity is a primary concern. VSC’ s flagship products, Validation Suites and Validation Kits offer developers the benefits of using proven commercial embedded RTOS software without the overhead associated with creating and proving its compliance with software development standards.

First released in 2000, Validation Suites have been exhaustively reviewed by our customers, users, QA experts and a host of national and international regulatory and certification authorities. Validation Suites are hybrid solutions that incorporate the best attributes of both “Commercial off the Shelf” and uniquely customized. Typically, the ratio of pre-existing (and reusable) certification artifacts to new artifacts may exceed ten to one. The ability to reuse existing development and test artifacts saves time and risk, and lowers development cost.  

With only the processor specific abstraction layer and driver software being “new”, the majority of development costs are apportioned across many projects and are made available our customers at a fraction of their true development and maintenance costs. For that reason, our, our Validation Suites are often delivered in 60 days or less.

VSC practices its “compliment, not constrain” motto by encouraging customers to choose their own tools, processor, standards, degree of criticality and date needed. The user does not need to purchase any additional software or tools to use a Validation Suite. Each Validation Suite is a self-contained, standalone package that easily “drops” into any project or program with minimum user integration effort and overhead.

Validation Kits are used in conjunction with pre-existing commercial embedded software components to demonstrate compliance to standards such as IEC 61508-3, RTCA DO-178C, IEC 62304, and EN 50128. Validation Kits offer a cost-effective and flexible alternative to the turnkey Validation Suites. Validation Kits combine the value of the pre-existing artifacts used in Validation Suites with the requisite test code and document templates needed to convert the kit into a submission ready Validation Suite.

In addition to the COTS focused family of Validation Suites and Validation Kits, VSC provides its Validation Templates for those seeking to create or refine their own development and test program. Unlike Validation Suites and Kits, which address higher order product certification needs. Validation Templates are oriented to establishing the basic infrastructure, processes and structure required to establish a compliant software development and test program. The current portfolio of Validation Templates includes template sets for IEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN 50128, and DO-178C.