Incorporated on 17 February 2021, Mokusei Intelligence ('MI' or simply ‘Mokusei’) is a Social Impact & Education centric tech startup focused on developing AI/ML based algorithms and solutions aimed to address, resolve, and impact some of the most pressing problems of the internet & digital age including (and not limited to) social challenges like education inequity, legal aid & justice dispensation, free & fair journalism, socio-cultural rifts & divide, political reforms & systemic change among others.

The Company has officially and formally been recognized by the Government of India as a budding, high-potential 'Startup' on the 25th of February 2021 under the Startup Bharat initiative within 10 days of incorporation.

What started as an effort to impact existing new-age EdTech challenges quickly broadened and evolved into a goal of developing tech solutions to surmount and address multiple social challenges.

Mokusei is currently building a dedicated mobile-focused digital online remote assessment/exam conducting app platform called vallued.ai that detects cheating, unfair & unethical practices by applicants or students.