Using creative thinking and highly skilled marketing techniques, Paul King (owner of VBPRM) was responsible for transforming the Redneck Yacht Club – an 800 acre “mud park” located in Punta Gorda, FL – from a one location, small local business open only a few times a year, into what could easily be considered one of Southwest Florida’s largest online media companies and most recognizable brands.

Boasting hundreds of thousands of social media fans from all over the world, and million upon millions of website page views each month, the RYC is now one of the United States leading recreational destinations.

By utilizing his expertise of Social Marketing (unrivaled in the SWFL market), Paul was able to save the company tens of thousands of dollars each year in advertising cost. At the same time, Year over Year ticket pre-sales and pre-event revenue growth was unprecedented – with just one events pre-sales having increased 127% in 2 years (as an example).

Prior to this success Paul came from the entertainment industry. In fact, the business (originally named NashvilleHype! PR) was built in the most difficult of all industries – the music industry (cue the doom music!). And not only that – the section of the music industry where “bright-eyed dreamers no one knows and even fewer care about” are trying to compete for attention against well known superstars and the giant advertising dollars of the big record and publishing labels in town (Sound familiar? It should. It’s probably a lot like your business). He was successful! Very. Paul’s NashvilleHype! (blog) has had great success working behind the scenes to promote many artists careers – many times before anyone even knew who they were. Arists such as Lady Antebellum, Rissi Palmer, Jesse Lee, Jaida Dreyer, Ashlee Hewitt, Rachel Farley, Buffy Lawson, HotChelleRae, and Victoria Banks just to name a few. In the meantime NashvilleHype! PR clients were noticed locally, regionally, nationally, and even worldwide – many went on to be signed to labels and publishers themselves and are having successful careers to this very day.

Paul has been a successful radio talk show host, producer and programmer (96 K-Rock), featured on national television (Destination America/Discovery), and was honored to have his portrait taken by a world famous photographer (Wesley Mann). He lives in Southwest Florida and truly believes the people and businesses here are the best in the world.

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