Vapor Sky was established after being inspired by other unique and personalized works of art. While quite beautiful, there was still a need for something more dynamic and compelling to a larger variety of people. The stars have captivated many people throughout the millennia . Now we want you to have your own moment in the stars, captured on canvas.

From the occasional star-gazer, to science lovers and astrology buffs, Stellar Portraits™ can captivate anyone.

Each piece is completely unique to the individual. The stars and planets overhead are changing position every moment, of every day. Using sophisticated software, we’re able to determine the exact position of the
stars that were directly overhead at a precise moment in time. Combined with an artistic touch, you have a unique and personal masterpiece.

Stellar Portraits™ are an extremely personalized  and dynamic form of art. They depict the stars exactly as they were, directly overhead at the precise place and time the  customer was born. The personalized image is printed on  high quality,  glossy canvas and stretched on bracer-bars  with a wrap style of your choice.

In addition to receiving your personalized canvas,  we will also send you a packet with details on the stars,  planets and constellations in your portrait!

Not Just For Birth Portraits!

If you like,  you can select any place,  date and time that is important to you. It  can be a historical event,  a fond  memory or even the birthdate of  your favorite  celebrity.  All you have  to do is enter the  appropriate  date, time and location in place of your own birth.

We  believe in the ability to totally personalize your environment.  That’s  why  we offer 36 different color combinations,  as  well as the option to customize your piece with any color combination you choose.

For  the  multi-person  portraits,  we don’t restrict your  options on  combining  color schemes. Each individual can select any color option they desire, including custom colors.