Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose sole purpose is to demonstrate that peace and happiness is a natural state to all World inhabitants. How are we different from the thousands of other noble nonprofits?  We are here to expose and eliminate the single reason responsible for the existence of all personal and World problems.  What is the single root reason responsible for all personal and World problems?  People are not aware that their senses and perceptions are deceived by certain unknowing.  What we have recognized is that conventional ways of bringing peace and happiness are bound to fail as they only bring temporary relief to the suffering.  The conventional approach performed by thousands of amazing people and organizations are necessary and noble; however, as disturbing as it may sounds, they will never run out of work.  Human history is proof.  If we genuinely desire permanent peace and happiness we need to recognize the single root reason responsible for all the misery and unhappiness in the World.  This task requires putting more effort into correct education that allows all individuals an opportunity to recognize and eliminate the root reason within.  New problems and sufferings won't be created once the root reason is recognized.    Only then all of Earth inhabitants can enjoy the natural peace and happiness they were meant to.