Announcing New Exclusive Importer VazuVazu and Limited Special Introductory Offer for Distributors!

You can view the product, new designs, and catalogue on our website www.VazuVazu.com or call 617.431.4474 for more information!

About Vazu™

Forget about the vases you know and open-up to an exciting and innovative concept, where nothing is like what it seems. Vazu™ takes design to a whole new level, offering a trendy alternative for displaying flowers.  With its novel design you can keep a Vazu™ vase anywhere you can fit a sheet of paper.  Once you touch it, open it, and fill it with water – you are inspired by the ingenuity. You will never look at vases the same way.

Why Vazu™?
•     Vazu™ vases at the point of purchase are a retailer’s dream – they don’t break or take up much room.
•     Vazu™ is manufactured using advanced technology.  Under strict procedures, the manufacturer adheres to ISO 9001/2000, HACCP and BRC-IOP certificates.
•     Vazu™ is a greener product than a traditional glass vase.
•     Vazu™ is continuously tested to ensure safe and long-lasting usage.

Vazu™ is flexible and open to the unconventional. Not only can it fit every space, it also fits consumers’ budget!