Vedique [wade-ik] - noun, derived from the Vedas (the holy book of the hindus, the earliest spiritual treatise that contains the learmings of the world's earliest civilization), used to define the presence of spirituality in something; of the highest order; incandescent; of incomparable quality.

Vedique is a premium online handicrafts store in London, United Kingdom, an art repository that enables the art connoisseur's access to the finest handicrafts. Vedique showcases products that embody the true essence of being hand-crafted. Each offering is a true and honest manifestation of regional art and ethnic craft.

Vedique selections come from all over the globe. The Indian sub-continent, China, Thailand, Japan, Brazil & Europe. Each selection is validated as being true to its origins and craftmanship. Carefully selected by us, each product is a marvel and will prove a worthy addition to your collection.