Why get a normal virtual reality headset when you can get one that is able to track your facial expression?

Up to this day VR headset have enabled us to connect to the virtual world, only to passively receive its visuals and sounds – Veeso changes the game, by capturing the user's emotions and projecting them onto the virtual world!

Veeso is the most advanced VR Headset buildt for Apple's IOS and Android devices!

With built­in face­tracking cameras and sensor capable of capturing the users emotions and transferring them in real time into the digital world – VEESO presents the most innovative VR Headset ever created for the mobile market.

VEESO approach to Virtual Reality is a revolution. A first of its kind, our head­mounted display and software allows users to not only communicate with one another; but to emote.

When all technological giants are pledging to flood the VR market with games and virtual experience that will only result in more confinement and solitary experiences – VEESO aims to enhance social interaction and bring people together: to unite.

From a technology stand VEESO offers an entirely new concept of mobile­ready VR headset, Infrared cameras, placed between the user’s eyes, tracks the position of the pupils and eyelids’ openness, allowing Veeso to understand where the user is looking. This feature allows for an unprecedented emotional interaction and eye­contact between users, unachievable with any webcam­based communication technology currently available.

The same camera is able to track the basic position of the eyebrows, thanks to its very wide angle lens.

A mouth/jaw infrared camera is pointed to the mouth area and tracks every movement of the mouth with high fidelity.

Veeso is also equipped with an on­board, linux­based, battery­powered computing module, able to operate both eyes/mouth tracking processes simultaneously, saving up important resources on the phone and allowing for longer VR experiences on the go. The headset communicates with the mobile phone via bluetooth.

Veeso is now asking for backers to support the final stages of development through Kickstarter, with an aim to set its final retail price at under $100!

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