Vegas Kool encompasses Vegas Kool , Vegas Kool Radio and Vegas Kool Media Center.  The webpage on this profile is for Vegas Kool Media Center to show the services provided and the Facebook and Twitter on this profile are for Vegas Kool.

Vegas Kool Radio:
Vegas Kool Radio is an online radio station at VegasKool.com that airs multiple shows covering various topics.  Each of the shows is archived on VegasKool.com.  Airtime is available on Vegas Kool Radio for anyone who wants their very own radio show!

Vegas Kool Media Center:
Vegas Kool Media Center is a Las Vegas based multimedia company.  Vegas Kool's services are applicable both to businesses and to individuals.  

Whether you need photography, video and social media for a grand opening event,  video at a birthday party or head shots for a modeling portfolio, Vegas Kool has your needs covered.

The Vegas Kool team is very excited to work along side Las Vegas businesses to increase customer count and revenue.  The Vegas Kool team is also excited to work with Las Vegas locals for all of their multimedia needs.

Vegas Kool was created by The Greater Las Vegas Media Group. The Greater Las Vegas Media Group was established in 2010 and was developed to create and support positive media. The Greater Las Vegas Media Group is excited for VegasKool.com and Vegas Kool Radio to add to the allure of Las Vegas by interacting with the public and spotlighting people, places and events that make Las Vegas great.  

Also, The Greater Las Vegas Media Group is excited to present Vegas Kool Media Center and the services provided both for businesses and individuals.