VegasNET Media LLC is a Las Vegas based new media company and home of THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! positive television talk show, SuccessShowcase.com, VegasNET.tv Network and Success Reflections product & service line.

VegasNET Media LLC only covers, produces and distributes positive media that inspires, motivates, educates, empowers and entertains a global audience via multiple platforms including, but not limited to television, print, audio, web, events and film.


THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! is a positive television talk show shot from fabulous Las Vegas, NV. Featuring celebrities, entrepreneurs and industry experts on their success stories, companies, products, services, advice, talent and powerful messages. The ultimate vision of the show is to inspire, motivate, educate, empower and entertain a global audience.

It is a mobile production varying from the red carpet, backstage,in-studio, on-location, live events, and behind-the-scenes. Featured show guests have included Christina Aguilera, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Donald Trump, Will.I.Am, Dennis Hopper, The Kardashians, Tony Bennett, Wayne Newton and even Bart Simpson!

The show is produced and distributed by VegasNET Media LLC. The creators, executive producers and co-hosts are comprised of a happily married team of Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo.


A product and service line based on success discoveries from the top celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry experts featured on THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! positive television talk show that inspires, motivates, educates, empowers, and entertains a global audience.

The product and service line includes speaking, books, videos, audios, DVDs, downloads, calendars, posters, affirmation cards, webcasts, events, classes, etc.


A membership platform that showcases the world's most successful people including top celebrities, entertainers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, philanthropists, world leaders, business moguls, corporate executives, and industry experts.


A new media digital network that broadcasts THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! positive television talk show via LIVESTREAM - a media, distribution, and technology partner of VegasNET Media LLC.

VegasNET.tv encompasses ten (10) HDTV channels with Live, Linear and 24/7 On-Demand access.