Venga started in the software industry. We use our twenty plus years’ experience globalizing information-based technology products to help our clients succeed internationally.

We also invest in technology, like client system integrations, automation, and business intelligence, to make the translation process more secure, efficient, and transparent to our clients.

Venga team members have managed all aspects of localizing software products, such as user interface, documentation, user assistance/online help, and training materials. We’ve also worked closely with our clients’ global marketing, support, hr, legal, consulting, and education groups. Our project expertise runs the full spectrum of what it takes to succeed — fully bringing international products to market, including eLearning, multimedia and video translation, marketing transcreation, and global creative services, like copywriting or media production.

As a leading translation services company, the Venga team has been driving localization best practices for the dynamic technology sector since its inception. Venga’s team draws on experience with international leaders such as Google, VMWare, Opower, WatchGuard, HireVue, and Ubiquiti Networks, and others to help our clients get to market effectively.

For more information about Venga, please visit their website at www.vengaglobal.com