Vermont Farm Tours is a Burlington, VT-based culinary tour outfit that offers guided day and half-day trips exploring the people and places that give Vermont its reputation for delicious local food.

The Vermont Farm Tours Story

“I love people, I love food, and every day I wake up grateful to live here in Vermont, where it’s easy to see the connection between the two.”

For years as a farmer, community organizer, entrepreneur, and food enthusiast, I’ve sought out farmers, brewers, wine and cheese makers, sugarers, and bakers to both eat well and learn about the place I call home.  While I personally love the science, lore, and personalities that create real food, the greatest rewards lie in sharing Vermont’s edible stories.

The aha! moment happened when I was listening to Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food, speak at Terra Madre in 2006.  He said to the farmers in the audience, “Your story—the one we can taste, touch, smell, and see—is one of the most valuable assets to humankind.”  Having experienced the thriving connection between agriculture and tourism in Italy, I knew then that sharing the story of Vermont’s food producers was my calling.

With Vermont Farm Tours, I hope to introduce every tour guest to Vermont’s gastronomic magic through memorable and delicious explorations of the farms  and producers that I know and love.

See you in the field,
Chris Howell
Vermont Farm Tours founder