ISSG Holdings, Ltd. provides total risk management solutions to the shipping industry, by giving third party professional risk assessments for transit through high risk areas. We believe that a thorough risk assessment, done on a per ship / per transit basis, is the best way to provide shipping managers with complete, documented information to best make their risk management decisions. ISSG provides options for our clients based on their needs, from on site consulting, on board consultants and full security teams for transits. It is important to work together with the shipping companies, to determine level of risk, and the level of security according to the risk. We will not just put bodies on board the vessel, we put the right team for the safest transit possible. ISSG has a standby team of former marine commandos that are ready to protect crews and assets in high risk situations. Our armed vessel "One on One" solution is the best overall solution when transiting known high risk areas.