Vetlink, an RSVC registered practice, is a global video vet service enabling pet owners to access pet care no matter where they are in the world, at home or travelling. In addition, owners can keep essential details for every pet within one profile free of charge.

The rise in pet ownership during COVID19, although understandable, has put immense pressure on what was already an overwhelmed industry.

In an attempt to combat loneliness, boredom or simply finally having the time to fulfil a desire, pet ownership hit an all-time high during 2020. Although life has been altered permanently for many, the halted state of lockdown could only ever be temporary. As some semblance of normality returns and we go back to commuting, socialising and family commitments, pet care can become a stressful addition many people haven't factored in or experienced before.

At the beginning of the pandemic, business owners Oliver Reeves (Vetco Solutions) and Jacob Bellas (JB-Consultancy) recognised that lockdown would bring extensive problems for pet owners.

When asked about how the company came about, Mr Reeves said, "The pandemic exposed an obvious need for innovation into all industries. So Vetlink has been built to protect the veterinary industry and all of those who will require this service both currently and beyond restrictions being lifted."

Almost overnight, the solution came to them by forming a company that can link any pet owner to any vet or veterinary nurse across the globe. Wit

Initial triage is done by a veterinary nurse who will then decide a transfer call to a vet will suffice or if the animal needs a physical appointment.  If that is the case, an appointment will be made.  If a remote video call is decided upon, the customer will be transferred to a vet or an appointment made if all vets are busy.  Any medications prescribed can be delivered to the customer either at their home, workplace or place they are staying if on holiday.

The app will grow organically according to public needs and introduce all forms of pet diet products and accessories.  All essential details of every household animal can be entered into one account, such as microchip number, special diet, favourite toy, anything the owner feels is necessary.

How Can Vetlink Help You And Your Practice?

As veterinary professionals have left the industry in droves of late due to several reasons such as Brexit, COVID-19, poor pay deals or complete mental and physical overload, practices across the country are feeling immense pressure right now. Many are facing closure because of staff shortages and rising demand in patient numbers.  

Initially, we started as a recruitment company with VetCo Solutions Ltd. So when Ollie Reeves, our CEO, launched Vetlink, it was purely to see us through the pandemic and cope with the restrictions the majority of us had never experienced before. However, it soon became apparent it was a service that could benefit many groups of individuals across the globe. In addition, as we see new problems arise in the industry, it's clear that Vetlink can offer a much-needed lifeline to clinics everywhere to ensure they stay open and ease the stress.  

Here are just a few ways showing how Vetlink cab help you and your practice?

Should your practice currently be short of an experienced or senior vet, Vetlink could be utilised in-clinic so that the junior vet can access a more senior practitioner via a bespoke video link. Furthermore, the staff on-site can seek a second opinion and have constant, 24-hour support on hand when necessary.

A Veterinary Nurse can be in a consult room with an on-screen vet. The vet can then advise as they would if they were in the room.

If you don't have a vet or nurse available, clinical care staff can note calls coming in and forward appropriate ones to Vetlink, or you can divert all calls to your bespoke Vetlink help-line. The practice can then pick up the follow-up appointments and take over billing as usual.

Vetlink only ever charges one flat rate for the service* so you can keep a reign on costs and your practice open. We are here to help and are available to discuss your needs. We are happy to sit down with you and develop a package that will suit your needs and budget. Above all, we want to help. Along with VetCo and PPL PAY, our non-profit umbrella company designed for veterinary professionals to support veterinary charities** our primary goal is to help bring about the necessary changes so that vets can fall in love with their profession again and nurses can be appropriately rewarded for their dedicated service.

For more information, send an email to info@vetlink.co.uk

*Dependant on package
** PPL PAY is open to all industries and other charities will be considered should enough support be demonstrated