At VCDC we help connect communities with human and financial capital that supports locally driven revitalization. We want to see flourishing communities where neighbors thrive. We do this work with a focus on communities first, excellent customer service and partner support, and diligent persistence.

For over three decades, we have connected developers, investors, and communities with the mission to build affordable housing and revitalize historic properties to create thriving neighborhoods that benefit all residents. Our hands-on approach and extensive experience in every facet of community building helps us bring the right people together to drive change.

Community Driven Development
For over 30 years, we have worked together with local partners, helping them navigate the complex development process so that they can build on relationships in the communities in which they serve. By connecting the dots between developers, investors, and community advocates, we are able to provide seamless service for each, resulting in scores of successful projects.

Mission Focused Investor Partnerships
As the only Virginia-based tax credit equity fund, we have invested more than $688 million to help finance more than 9,500 affordable housing units in over 230 different communities in Virginia and its adjoining states. Our impact-making investments have had exceptional performance, with every managed tax credit fund exceeding the targeted rate of return. We are intimately familiar with the localities and the organizations with whom we work to create vibrant communities that deliver returns to investors and residents.

Giving Back through Community Support
Community is at the core of what we do. Beyond the financial role we play, we are committed to ensuring everyone in our region not only has access to quality affordable housing, but also to services, programs, and amenities that enhance their quality of life.