OpenKick Technologies withdraws Vibrant Gujarat 2011 MoU

23 Sep 2011

OpenKick Technologies is putting up a new center for training people in high end IT and Entrepreneurship skills. This center will be operational in Q3 2012.

Company had signed an MoU in Vibrant Gujarat 2011 considering the positive climate in Gujarat and good governance that exists in state.

Company is moving forward with its investment plans and project is already underway. But given the recent incidents where government has not done anything for small business on one side and on other side has been spending public funds on private agenda, company management had decided to distance itself from VGIS 2011 and have withdrawn its MoU.

The below is the withdrawal request:

Dear Mr. Panchal,

I regret to inform that I want to withdraw my MoU with Vibrant Gujarat. Although I am moving forward with my investments and am proud to be a Gujarati, I am extremely disappointed with the way public funds are spent on personal agenda by our CM while public debt on everyone is mounting by day.

I also am concerned with GIL not changing its empaneled vendors or allowing other new entrants to work on Government contracts. This is contrary to Govt making tall claims in helping Small Business and Entrepreneurship. RTI seeking details of contract amounts awarded to empaneled vendors and their sister concerns have also not been addressed in right spirit.

I would respectfully like to withdraw my MoU with Vibrant Gujarat. I would also not be attending future Vibrant Gujarat events.

Please confirm the receipt of this email.

Thank you.