Do you ever think it’s unfair that websites get to sell your attention to advertisers and keep all the money? With a seemingly infinite number of websites, it’s clear that there’s more content available than there are minutes of human attention to consume it all. This is why websites are so desperate for your attention… it’s a scarce commodity!

What if you could get paid for your attention instead? Vice Industry Token (VIT) enables that, with a blockchain network that pays everybody just for participating. Posting, commenting, voting, and even watching! Applying this model to the world of adult content, the adult industry will never be the same again.

Besides enabling everybody to get paid, VIT protects users’ privacy with stealth transactions and hidden invitation-only discussion groups. The vice industries are all about discretion, which is why we’ve developed the VIT network to put your privacy first. In addition to its media capabilities, the VIT network enables peer-to-peer betting without the use of a bookmaker. With the security and reliability of the blockchain, users can place bets against each other with the protection of smart contracts. Wagers will be held in escrow pending an outcome, with the disbursement of the funds pre-programmed based on the terms of the bet.