At NannaJuanas we make superior all natural, Hemp infused, lip and skin care products.

We believe that lip and skin care should enhance your natural beauty as well as rejuvenate and protect it.

We know that true beauty starts with our core values of being ALL NATURAL, VEGAN FRIENDLY, NO GMO's and NO ANIMAL TESTING and that all our organic ingredients are both safe for you and the planet.

For thousands of years all natural hemp has been used as a superior lip and skin preparation.

Our Superior Hemp Infused lip balm will soothe, protect, moisturize, rejuvenate, replenish and revitalize your lips with a sealed "Hemp-Mollient" protectant barrier against the harsh elements of daily life.

At NannaJuanas we know that when we care about helping each other and the world around us, we can strip away the negativity of the day and find our true beauty.

So Hemp, Hydrate and Heal..

And remember… When you want it blessed by mother earth…
use NannaJuannas…