VideoCoaching.tv provides instant and affordable help in soft skills development through the following online courses.
Presentation Skills.
Relationship Selling.
Negotiating Skills.
Personal Organisation & Time Management.
Our annual subscription service allows access to 38 videos (maximum 15 minute duration) that replicate instructor-led training and facilitate skills aquisition in a logical step-by-step process.
VideoCoaching.tv provides the following advantages:
Try before you buy.  Free 7-day, no obligation trail.
Can be accessed at any location with internet access, allowing for 'just-in-time' coaching.
Videos can be played as many times as desired.
Streaming video removes travel and accomodation time, cost and carbon footprint.
Home or satellite based staff have the same access to coaching as office based staff.
Downloadable course notes provide a physical reminder of course content.
Users can email questions to the coach or access a FAQ page.
Encourages out-of-hours learning.
Reduces administration costs by automatically generating full training records.
Ideal for those who are too busy, or not inclined to attend traditional training courses.