Videoscout-it.com is the first video guide for Berlin produced by experienced media professionals and Berlin passionates.

The German capital Berlin is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide, with more than 11 million visitors in 2013. According to the “Tomorrow” media study from 2011 two out of three travelers inform themselves by smart-phone, tablet or computer. Videoscout-it.com has been created for them. The possibility to navigate through Berlin online saves time and helps create a unique travel experience tailored to your interests.

Founder Sibylle Gollwitzer developed the idea after visiting New York and having a hard time finding places of interest to visit. „We want to give the users the opportunity to inform themselves in a genuine, documentary and entertaining way,“ she says „ I've been frustrated many times as a traveler, searching online and only getting mediocre pictures or digging through endless comments about certain places resulting in just a rather vague idea in the end.“

Sibylle Gollwitzer has over a decade of experience as editor for TV and film. She developed the whole project over 1 ½ years with the help of a team of eleven consisting of international hosts such as the comedian and journalist Summer Banks from California or media expert Haily Chwang from Australia as well as local hosts, camera operators, web designer and programmer.
„We wanted to develop the whole project completely independently to guarantee authenticity“.

The launch of the vidoescout-it website in January '14 has been just the beginning of this exciting, new, service oriented business endeavor.

For further information feel free to contact us: mail@videoscout-it.com