Vigilant Society provides Medical-Surgical Concierge Services for Members Only.   Vigilant Society is a membership services organization launched by American and Indian medical, legal and business professionals out of a 10 year old international physician and nurse recruitment group.   Capitalizing on years of experience in the fields of medicine, immigration law, human resources and hospital management, Vigilant Society now provides access to the lowest cost medical surgical concierge services available.  Membership is open and available to all and especially to anyone wishing to avoid catastrophic medical costs.  Medical Services are performed in recognized licensed and respected world class hospitals in India and other medically advanced countries by recognized, licensed and seasoned world class surgeons and physicians.   Vigilant Society reports surgical and advanced Medical procedure costs are generally 30% to 80% less than costs in America and may be accessed on short notice.  Vigilant Society provides access to Surgeons, Physicians, Hospitals, Local Transportation, Communications, Internet, Private Duty Doctors, Nurses, Travel Arrangements, and is launching additional value added services to members in all states where no restrictions apply.   Vigilant Society states the 3 year membership period is more than returned to the member in savings on any surgical or advanced medical procedure versus a consumer using agencies or making direct arrangements with foreign hospitals.     Vigilant Society states the reasons for the vast savings comes from unique knowledge of the medical surgical needs and services of the consumer and years of comparing costs and eliminating waste.  In addition, Vigilant Society does not take kickbacks or commissions from hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, or pension funds responsible for a individuals' care.   Health Insurance Companies and Health Care Pension Funds are also referring policy holders to Vigilant Society as they realize savings from not dedicating office staff personnel attempting to duplicate the inroads already made where Vigilant Society is now entrenched.    Where insurance company and health care pension fund refers to Vigilant Society, costs of care are calculated, quoted and agreed to in advance by the care providers.  Savings are reportedly so vast the insurers and pension funds agree to pay for the care, cost of travel for the principal and a companion, some pocket money and even post procedure vacation before the returning home.    During the current (2008-2009) economic recession and while Americans wait for their promised healthcare reforms to take place,  many Americans and Canadians are turning to Vigilant Society's referrals to low cost foreign surgeries for knee replacements, hip replacements, cardiac and bypass procedures,  obesity and diabetes prevention procedures and organ transplants rather than wait for quality to their lives.  For years medical tourists have known the value of traveling out of country for care, especially to a medically and surgically advanced country as India to attend to their medical surgical needs.  Magazines as AARP and well respected newspapers have offered editorials in their publications over the last several years reporting as many as 500,000 Americans annually are going abroad for medical surgical care.   Vigilant Society estimates the figure for American and Canadians traveling abroad for care in 2009 will likely exceed 1 million, and projects even greater numbers in 2010 as the economic crisis enlightens the medical consumer who must ultimately pay their own costs of care.
Vigilant Society believes American small businesses must turn to unique and alternative resources for help in providing affordable medical access to employees to cover catastrophic medical events.  Small businesses often must turn to part time help to avoid compulsory healthcare coverages, while others are turning to solutions for care such as working with selected Primary Care Physicians and Family Practioners to cover the basics that everyone and every family needs, and then reach out for real solutions for catastrophic medical surgical events.    Vigilant Society warns every visitor to the web site that Vigilant Society is not insurance.    Vigilant Society does not keep medical records on any member, the member pays all their own bills without exception.   Vigilant Society provides all new members with a Membership Card, a free computer pen drive with company name to record their medical history and files for  their care providers, the new member is also given a free 20 minute calling card permitting them or their physician to speak directly with their surgeon and/or their hospital abroad,  and all new members are given a Vigilant Society Passport to record important numbers and contact information.   Membership in Vigilant Society can be as low as .25 US cents per day, to about .75 cents per day, and is open to all.