HARRTS is the World's only Robotic Hair Transplant System with Artificial Intelligence and Speech Interface. You can literally talk with the Robotic machine. Coming from i-brain Robotics, this Machine continues the legacy of the company's work in Artificial Intelligence and Performance.
This system would couple both the scoring of the grafts and the extraction into 1 single step thus reducing the time of harvesting to less than half. With provision of four Hand-pieces and 2 Operating Surgeons, as well as the coupled process, the Machine effectively reduces the time of extraction by around 4 times. As such, HARRTSTM, along with an experienced practitioner, would be able to harvest around 1800 Grafts in about 45 Minutes to 1 Hour Span.
The Implantation technique uses Novel patented Piston Type Implanters, which would have Tweezer Free Manipulation, providing the practitioner with Speed, Precision of depth as well as Best Results. The estimated implantation time would be about 40 Grafts / minute and around 2200 Grafts in 1 hour in experienced hands.
This New Hair Transplant System with Artificial Intelligence is all set to change the Picture of Hair Transplant Globally