Virdocs Software’s HTML5, cloud-reader technology supports content creators’ digital distribution strategy. Step into the world of Virdocs where our partnerships transform innovative, cost-effective software into a simple turnkey platform for distribution and/or acquisition of digital content.

Virdocs Software services include:
RedShelf: RedShelf is a digital marketplace revolutionizing commerce for digital content. Retain some of the highest earns with this simple, cost-effective platform which allows content creators to securely distribute materials while eliminating device limitations for consumers.

eTextbooksU: Collaborating to create a custom experience for students to obtain academic materials and eTextbooks through one centralized bookstore branded cloud-reader. Virdocs’ software enhances the student’s experience for digital studies while maintaining web traffic under the bookstores control.

DocBed: DocBed’s document reader and content management solution boosts productivity, improves security, and reduces operating expenses for businesses. The platform was developed for companies to reduce risk and protect sensitive documents against unauthorized users while integrating a HTML5, cloud-reader software to distribute and interact with content.