Virginia Safari Park is Virginia's only drive-thru zoo!
The 180-acre park is home to over
1,000 exotic animals from 6 continents!

ITS LIKE 2 ZOOS for the PRICE of 1!

Forget the binoculars & telephoto lens...strap yourself in for adventure.  You’re going eyeball-to-eyeball with some of the friendliest, wooliest, slobberiest (is that even a word?) animals imaginable. Hold on to your feed buckets...if you can! Be prepared to scream with excitement, cry with laughter, and get videotaped by your family in some very embarassing (read: unforgettable) moments. Your home videos will never be the same, guaranteed!

Stretch your legs and unwind on the paved paths of the Safari Village. There is something for everyone; feed a giraffe, baby goats, llamas, and piglets. You can visit the lemurs and monkeys, warthogs, flamingos and cheetahs, or see tortoises and snakes in the Reptile Encounter. Don’t forget to visit the Tiger Territory
or our Budgie Adventure Aviary!