ViridiSTOR’s patented and award winning Presenter® Software USB is the world’s first fiscally sound and environmentally sustainable solution to eliminate paper use at trade shows, conferences, meetings, film festivals,  events and more.  Producers, exhibitors and sponsors can now provide their information to attendees on our digital content management and delivery system – without handing out expensive literature and binders that attendees hate to carry around and transport home.  Our solution can deliver any digital content: PDFs, video, audio, photos, documents, spreadsheets, etc.

We are the only solution that allows event producers to guarantee their exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors that they are “never completely missed” because every attendee receives a Presenter USB loaded with event content and information from every exhibitor, advertiser and sponsor.  Plus, our Live Update feature enables producers to deliver more digital content to attendees after the event!  That is something that is simply not possible with static conference proceedings that are rarely complete at the time of the event.

The ViridiSTOR solution creates new profits for producers, reduces one of the top-three costs for exhibitors and creates a user experience second to none, all while making your event as environmentally sustainable as possible.