What is VirtuLessons?

Virtulessons is a website that will allow students and teachers to connect in an interactive learning environment utilizing:

   -A web chat built into the eClassroom
   -An interactive whiteboard where teachers and students can share music documents and write on them as needed
   -The frame of each instrument that allows the teacher to highlight necessary keys/buttons
   -A metronome
   -A calendar where students can choose the time and instrument they would like, which will bring them to a list of available teachers
   -A notebook for the teachers to take notes on each student this way they will always be up to date and moving forward from week to week, or from teacher to teacher

Who can take lessons?

ANYONE of any age and experience can take lessons! You are never too old to learn a new skill or fulfill a dream. You are also never too young to benefit from a music education. Our teachers are prepared to teach anyone with any level of experience.

Who will be teaching the lessons?

ALL of our teachers are not only professional musicians, but are state certified educators. We don't just want people who are good at their instrument, but who are good at teaching it to others using various strategies to individualize to each student. It also requires them to have numerous background checks. We do not rob our teachers of their salary either, so you are not just supporting a quality education for students, but supporting a skilled and under appreciated work force.

Why study music online?

Everyone deserves the chance to learn an instrument, young or old, but schools have been cutting funds from this fundamental subject, and it is hard to find time to compensate. Who wants to drive to a lesson studio, or set up their home for a stranger to come? Our eClassroom provides high quality online instruction.

We live in a time where technology is at the forefront of our civilization. Technology allows us express ourselves, search for truth, connect with others, and so much more. In ways, it makes us limitless. However, When technology replaces real life experiences, sometimes we lose character building experiences. VirtuLessons takes this all into consideration, and will be a way to learn an instrument with such interactive learning tools that it will feel as though your teacher is there with you... but safer and more convenient!

Even more, we plan to gamify the student profiles so that badges can be awarded when teachers indicate progress was made. Experience points will also be earned at lessons, when practice times are logged, and more!