About VirtuWorks
Established in the pre-internet boom era, circa 1996, VirtuWorks has led the way in the South Florida IT services market for over a decade. By providing cutting edge solutions to the ever-changing business landscape, we have successfully navigated both our company and those of our customers through many difficult times brought on by economical and technological changes. Over the years, our resilience has proven the advantages of staying ahead of the curve, and our experience to be invaluable in choosing our course. Built on this foundation, VirtuWorks is the convergence of experience, foresight, unwavering principles and commitment to our customers.

Moving forward, our mission is to continue to lead the small to medium-size business IT market by changing the way IT services are provided. VirtuWorks is spear-heading the transition from conventional to virtual networks and from Hourly IT Support to Flat-fee Managed Service Agreements. Sighting advantages in finance, efficiency and scalability, this progression enables us to sustain the commitment to our clients in providing the best service at competitive prices, enabling them to focus on growing their businesses.

VirtuWorks is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner