The Zeek Rewards Organization and Leadership You may or may not have heard of the penny auctions site know as "Zeekler.com." Both Zeekeler.com and Zeek Rewards are owned by Rex Venture Group, LLC which is a subsidiary of Lighthouse America. Located in Lexington, North Carolina, Zeek Rewards offers an affiliate program using the traditional method of network marketing to build their business. Paul Burks is the current President and CEO. Mr Burks has been involved in the direct sales industry for over 14 years and his personal company Free Store Club has over 3 million reps and customers in over 175 countries. Alexde Brantes is the current Internet Marketing Manager. He has been with the company for 2 years and he holds a Master Certification in Internet Marketing. Overseeing sales is Darryl Douglas who has been with the company for 14 years in the MLM industry and is well-known as a "compensation plan strategist."

Most everyone is experiencing the effects of a economy, that goes from the wealthy with a poor performing portfolio, to the average “Joe” who is trying to make it to the end of the month. The great thing about Zeekler is that it works for everyone, regardless of his or her financial status.

“A Penny auction concept launched by a 14 year old debt free company, that is paying people like you and me a percentage of their daily profits for placing one FREE ad online.”

In the beginning of any venture that you have already decided to do, or are in the process of deciding upon, you should make a plan. The number one question we get is “What should I do?” Our question back has been “What’s your plan?” So to help, we have created a Zeekler Affiliate Business Plan. This tool is something that we have developed to help ask the personal questions, that one should ask oneself:

   Basic experience profile
   Expectations of professional goals
   Income goals
   Critical successes
   Mission statement

If you are a skeptic like me then you may be wondering how do Zeekler and Zeek Rewards will make you money. I'll explain to you how the company makes money and why they are willing to share their profits with you to make it a win win situation for everyone.

Penny Auctions are great money spinners and Zeekler wants to become the best and the most popular Penny Auction Site on the internet! To do this they need entrepreneurs like you and me to promote their business model.

How does Zeekler and Zeek Rewards make money? The company has four streams of income:
Selling of items on the auction website including penny auctions.
Affiliate membership fees.
Selling using of Bid Packs.
FSC Stores

On traditional auction sites like eBay you can place bids for free. On the other hand penny auctions are not free to bid on. For every bid you place, you need to pay a certain amount of money. Also, you can place any bid amount that you want. You can only place a bid that would increase the price of the item by 1 cent typically (in some cases, it can be 2 cent as well). Penny auction websites make money by selling the individual bids. The cost of each penny bids varies depending on the penny auction. At zeeker.com the bids can cost from .65 cents to $1.00. if you bid is unsuccessful you lose the bid money. However if successful you can buy an item well below its market value at time greater than 90% discount.

How do Penny Auctions sites make money? To find out how penny auctions can give away such deals like a camera for $10 or Macbook for $50, let's do a small math problem: Suppose at an auction where the Macbook was given away for $50, which is not typical but one of the lowest prices of a Macbook. You might think that is a great deal, but let's look at the auction in more detail. For the Macbook to sell at $50, there would have been 500 bids because each bid increases the price by 1 cent. When 500 bids are placed, it cost a total of 5000 x 0.60 = $3000. The typical cost of this product might bear around $1000, so that is still a cool $2000 profit for the penny auction site. So the site still makes money even by giving away Macbooks for $50! Usually a Macbook auction might go higher.

Why Zeekler and Zeek Rewards pay their affiliates Zeekler wants to become the most popular and number one Penny Auction site on the internet within the shortest period of time. Basically this is a product driven company with revenue sharing. The philosopy is simple; instead of spending truckloads of money on advertising/Google rankings and what not, they reward their affiliates, for advertising and spreading the word. All you are required to do to qualify for your share in the daily revenue is by placing 1 ad a day. They even give you the ads and places to post. That is less than 5 minutes work a day. And wait till you see the rewards!