International Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author and Vision Coach helping people of all ages improve all areas of learning so they can achieve more.

The Trap: Poor learning skills that take up valuable time.
The Technique: Visual Secrets for success in learning
The Treasure: More time to devote to fun, family and future goals.

Visual secrets begins with understanding which visual skills are working well, which ones need to be better developed and which ones are not being used to the fullest potential. Dr. Brenda Montecalvo helps her Vision Aces who are people of all ages SEE MORE for BETTER VISION so they have time to DO & BE MORE for a BETTER LIFE which in turn allows for them to GIVE MORE to create a BETTER WORLD.

Her Visual Secrets for School Success begins by first understanding how to set up a positive learning environment. This includes having the correct ergonomic furniture, proper lighting, good diet and hydration, the right color, aroma and temperature along with adequate visual and physical beaks.

Dr. Montecalvo explains the complex visual system and how it needs to be well evaluated by a licensed optometric physician. Once all visual skills are determined to be ready for learning, she breaks down the areas of learning into handwriting, spelling, composition, math and reading.

Many with poor penmanship are handicapped by setting a poor first impression that can affect promotions and perception of ones ability. Visual Secrets for Handwriting takes Vision Aces through simple activities to improve handwriting in just two weeks.

If you spell a word wrong it can give the impression that you are less capable to do the job. While spelling is not related to intelligence it can interfere with what others think about your ability to perform compared to good spellers. Visual Secrets for School Success helps improve spelling by using, The MONTECALVO Spelling Technique.

Composition is often related to ones ability to not only write good stories but also to verbally communicate with others Visual Secrets for Composition helps Vision Aces improve verbal skills that intern have a positive result in both technical and creative writing.

Visual Secrets for Math uses simple easy and fun activities to help Vision Aces begin to learn basic math concepts, to gain a positive attitude toward math and to learn how to use it in everyday activities such as calculating the tip or figuring out the percent off on a sale item.

Vision Aces ability to read well helps reduce the time it takes to learn a new skill. Learning is needed for a lifetime and helps Vision Aces earn better grades, promotions and life skills. Visual Secrets for Reading help to overcome difficulties and road blocks of reading. This improves Vision Aces ability to read more material in a shorter amount of time.

Visual Secrets addresses how important time management and organization is. Productive ideas are provided on how Vision Aces can be better organized and better at managing time.