Vision III Imaging, Inc. (V3) is an imaging technology company based in Vienna, Virginia.
V3 specializes in advanced parallax visualization imaging technologies for commercial broadcast television, digital advertising, digital cinema production and military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

Parallax visualization (PV) is accomplished by exploiting certain psychophysical mechanisms of the human visual system and in particular, those visual mechanisms associated with short term visual memory and depth mapping.

V3 has developed Parallax Visualization (PV) ISR software tools for the extraction and three-dimensional display of UAV sensor data on standard displays.   Parallax information may be acquired from current wide area motion imaging (WAMI) and full motion video (FMV) sensor image data. Any Image source with overlapping views of the same scene is suitable for PV exploitation.

PV software allows an Intelligence Analyst (IA) to exploit the spatial and temporal differences in image sequences to enhance their perception of size, and depth relationships.  The PV software provides a powerful imagery toolset that assists in improving situational awareness leading to better and more accurate target identification and furthering the avoidance of collateral damage and casualties.

V3 is also Adobe's 3D Solution partner and provides several stereoscopic plug-in toolsets  for Creative Cloud applications.  In addtion, V3 has developed parallax scanning optical units that capture true three-dimensional information over time using standard HD video cameras and lenses.  Parallax scanned video can be broadcast and viewed on standard unaided monitors with out the necessity of any additional equipment.