Vision Selling Systems is a web-based software program that is easily integrated into RV and Automotive dealer websites and it enables shoppers to negotiate online, in real time, with the dealer.  Vision was designed by a prominent RV Dealer who wanted to streamline the RV buying process for his customers and enable sales via the internet.  After two years of testing and processing over 2,400 RV sales using Vision, the dealer retired and turned the software over to three long-time associates who were instrumental in development of the program.

Partners Matt Christensen and Mike McGuire each have a background in RV and Automotive sales and finance.  A third partner, Joyce Dillingham, is experienced in dealership marketing and operations.  The company is based in Fresno, California.

In early 2009, the Vision partners developed another website, www.RVMall.com, as a marketing tool for it's software, to show dealers the program in action.  RVMall.com is a listing site for dealer inventory and for private party vehicle sales. In just over six months, over 2,000 vehicles have been listed on RV Mall.  Dealers and private parties have reported outstanding CSI ratings for sales expediency and the overall experience. Dealers who use the Vision program may utilize www.RVMall.com as added value for marketing their brand and inventory.

Vision Selling Systems is a member and supporter of the RV Dealers Association and RV Industry Association.