Since 1993, VisionTEK has provided public safety software solutions to law enforcement, public safety and government agencies across the nation. VisionTEK specializes in government mobile data software; field based reporting, messaging, mobile CAD solutions and SaaS implementations. Our products run on handheld, mobile data computer (MDC) and desktop platforms. Our software solutions and services are designed to cost-effectively enable real-time information sharing within or across jurisdictional boundaries via wireless and wired networks. VisionTEK solutions are deployed in over 800 agencies.

If you wish to learn more about www.FrontLineFreedom.com, FrontLine Freedom Mobile Reporting, FrontLine Field Reporting, UNITY Messaging or the Radix message switch please contact VisionTEK at (303) 554-8835 x271 or sales@visiontekinc.com. Visit us at www.visiontekinc.com.