Visual Answers Opticians Loughborough (UK) are award-winning clinical optometrists that focus first and foremost on your eye health to detect and diagnose eye conditions before they might have significant impact on vision. We do this by our investment in the latest hospital standard diagnostic technology which includes Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography enabling non-invasive 3D scans of your eyes and retina and for us to look below the surface of your retinal tissue and the Optos Daytona that allows a non invasive 200 degree ultra-wide scans of your retina (4 times greater than in a conventional eye exam) allowing us to detect and diagnose eye conditions that may be missed using other techniques. Visual Answers also specialise in assessment and diagnosis of Macular degeneration, Meares-Irene Syndrome, Dry Eye Syndrome and supply the latest contact lenses and designer glasses with a best price promise.

Macular Degeneration http://macushieldsuccess.co.uk
Visual Stress http://www.dyslexia-eye.co.uk   http://helpwithreading.co.uk
Dry Eye http://www.dryeyestreatment.co.uk
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