We are pet Ambassadors... trustees for your pet's well-being... reuniting them with real-meat, Alpha prey-model diets, and guiding them down the long, vibrant path of life that God intended. Long Live Pets!

When appreciative pet owners call or write to tell us about their pets... that are now frisky and full of life, allergy free with shiny coats, clean teeth, and fresh breath. What moves us most is when pet owners share stories about how their best friend and family member beat the odds of cancer, diabetes, or other serious disease and are alive and thriving today because of what we do and the food we provide.

Our leaders are approachable, "roll-up your sleeves", "can-do" people. They are pet owners and pet lovers. The best interest of pets and their well-being is paramount in all that we do. That commitment is shared by our employees and chosen business associates.